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Welcome to our website.  Carroll Concerned Citizens was formed in 2004, when a group of area residents joined forces to research, organize and vocalize concerns to protect and improve the quality of life in the Town of Carroll, Chautauqua County, NY. 


The Army Corps of Engineers is asking for "comments from the public regarding the work described (attached).  No decision has been made as to whether or not a permit will be issued at this time. ...  All written comments should reference the above Application No. (2005-00198-Section:NY) and be addressed to: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, 1776 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY  14207. ... Issued: August 8, 2014.   EXPIRES: September 8, 2014."

Click open THIS LINK to view a scan of the Public Notice from the Army Corps of Engineers.  Please write your letter of specific concerns and send it in NOW.  They will not accept letters after September 8th, 2014.  Telephone and email information is also listed on page 3 of this document.  "A lack of response will be interpreted as meaning that there is no objection to the work as proposed."


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