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Carroll Concerned Citizens was formed in 2004 when a group of area residents joined forces to research, organize, and vocalize concerns to protect and improve the quality of life in the Town of Carroll, Chautauqua County, NY. 

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We also have a Facebook page where information is posted. It is a closed group, so please allow time for your membership to be approved (usually within a day). 

In the past we also had quite an extensive email list-- if you would like to be added to a new list for email updates, please send your contact information to us in the SUBSCRIBE section. 

What You Can Do

The first goal for all our townspeople and surrounding residents and businesses is to be aware of what is happening around us. 

Are the decisions made for the long-term best interest for our community? Are they short-sighted with only profit in mind? Will they entice more people to visit our beautiful area? Will they make our community members want to leave and live elsewhere? 

The second goal is to be informed enough to speak out when things are not happening that are in the best interest of our community. We ARE our community. Who we are, and what we do, IS the community. So we need to make sure we have a voice in what is happening. No one will come in and 'save us' -- we have to take care of ourselves, and information is the best way to do that. 


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CCC Public Meeting 

Frewsburg High School auditorium 

Tuesday, January 23rd 


Come and learn about this proposal BEFORE the end of our newly extended comment period (ends Feb. 12) and BEFORE our legislative hearing by the DEC on Feb. 7th (6pm at FCS high school aud.)