NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

The NYS DEC has a few specific pages pertinent to our discussion. 

Posting for Chautauqua County completed applications

Notice of completed DEIS and application

Sealand's Other Solid Waste Documents for DEC

These files are part of Sealand's permit application to the DEC. Due to site formatting, I had to find another location for them -- here it is. 

There are two other Solid Waste files that are too big to put here, so you will have to find them at either the town hall, or Myers Memorial Library. They are Site Investigation Report and the Engineering Report Review

Contingency Plan_Rev6 View Version (pdf)


Complete Set of PD ANSI D (pdf)


O&M Manual, Rev6 FINAL view (pdf)


Site Analytical Plan -view.pdf (pdf)


Site Investigation Plan -view.pdf (pdf)


Environmental Monitoring Plan -view.pdf (pdf)


Sealand's Other DEIS Files for DEC

Again, site formatting didn't allow for me to put these in with the other Sealand files, and even as zipped files, they are too big to be included here. 

So you will have to look specifically for them at either the town hall or Myers Memorial Library. The file names are: Ecological and Biological Studies and Correspondence, Wetland Permitting Reports, and the DEIS Master Final

Files coming soon.